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  1. Customer Survey – your experience of using automated penalty appeal service and your views on GNS messaging?

    24 June 2016

    HMRC have produced a survey to gather your views on the Automated Penalty Appeal Service and your experience of receiving messages via the Generic Notification Service.

  2. LinkedIn live Q & A on automatic enrolment

    24 June 2016

    Business advisers – join The Pensions Regulator at 10am on Tuesday 28 June on their LinkedIn group where experts will be online and ready to answer your automatic enrolment questions.

  3. Approved professional organisations and learned societies

    24 June 2016

    HMRC has updated the list of professional bodies and learned societies (also known as List 3) with tax-deductible fees.

  4. Asda Equal Pay Claims

    24 June 2016

    There are currently over 7,000 equal pay claims against Asda. The claims allege the work the Claimants do is of equal value to their comparators, and yet their comparators are being paid substantially more than they are. The claims are being defended.

  5. Prime Minister to resign after UK votes to leave EU

    24 June 2016

    David Cameron has announced he is resigning as Prime Minister after the UK voted to leave the European Union.

  6. Acas Code does not apply to ill health dismissals

    23 June 2016

    The Employment Appeal Tribunal has held that the Acas Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures does not apply to ill health dismissals.

  7. Bring your client’s staging date forward

    23 June 2016

    The government has added flexibility to make it easier for employers who do not have staff that they must put into a pension scheme to bring forward their staging date without the need to have a pension scheme ready.

  8. Report on courts and tribunal fees

    23 June 2016

    The House of Commons Justice Committee has published a report on courts and tribunal fees which considers changes introduced in recent years as well as proposals for future changes.

  9. Working Together Talking Points

    22 June 2016

    Upcoming Talking Points sessions include due diligence and reporting obligations for financial institutions under the UK's automatic exchange of information agreements with other countries.

  10. Automatic enrolment declaration of compliance

    22 June 2016

    If you are completing a declaration of compliance for a client, find out what information you need to provide to The Pensions Regulator and when you need to do it.

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