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Why the CIPP?

The CIPP is the only Chartered Institute for payroll professionals working in the UK and as such is represented within government which allows us to lobby on behalf of our members. We also provide all of our members, students and course delegates with the most up to date information on changing legislation. In recent months we have seen fundamental changes such as real time information and automatic enrolment affecting both payroll and pensions. And we are now seeing changes in shared parental leave legislation which will impact heavily on payroll processes.

The CIPP course provision is designed to integrate and enhance your job role and to support your employability. The knowledge you will gain is designed to be applied in the workplace. We are committed to student centred learning driven by your choice of study path. The CIPP portfolio serves those professionals who not only require short bursts of knowledge but supports those professionals who wish to interact at both operational and strategic levels.

Automatic enrolment – it is still on-going!

Are you ready?

Since October 2012 automatic enrolment has been introduced. Some employers are yet to be affected, could this be you? All qualifying employees will be automatically enrolled into a pension scheme to assist them with saving for retirement. Organisations will have to prepare for automatic enrolment by ensuring that they know:

  • If they have a qualifying pension scheme
  • Which of their employees should be automatically enrolled
  • When their staging date for automatic enrolment is

The CIPP continues to support our members through regular updates on automatic enrolment and support such as the automatic enrolment helpline. The CIPP also runs a half day training course, pensions for payroll professionals, salary sacrifice and automatic enrolment. For those aspiring to learn more than key automatic enrolment elements we provide the Certificate in Pensions Administration

How will I know which course, or delivery method, is right for me?

Our courses are split by course type, whether they are beginner’s courses, or those which provide legislative updates, you can easily find the course for you.

The methods of gaining work based knowledge vary from online delivery, face to face teaching, in-company training, conferences, or a mixture of all of these. This is because the best way of learning is through a style that suits you.

If you are unsure which is best for you, use the career progression diagrams for guidance or contact the CIPP offices on 0121 712 1000 or email and we will be happy to help!

Our approving bodies

  • University of Worcester and the Heart of Worcestershire College
    The University of Worcester approves the CIPP’s benchmark qualifications, the Foundation Degree in Payroll Management and the Foundation Degree in Pensions Administration and Management. Both qualifications are run by the CIPP in conjunction with the Heart of Worcestershire College
  • University of Derby
    The BA (Hons) in Applied Business and Management (CIPP) and MSc in Business and Reward Management are run in collaboration with the CIPP and the University of Derby
  • CIMA
    All CIPP training courses are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)