As an EPAO, IPP Education has been extremely supportive with all of payroll apprenticeships.When working towards a brand new End-Point Assessment, always taking the time to answer queries giving clear guidance that better help me support apprentices.  It is clear from the feedback from apprentices that they feel their assessors are reassuring and supportive which allows them to achieve their best throughout their End-Point Assessment. 

Helen Hargreaves, Head of Payroll at MBKB

We have been working with IPP as an EPAO for nearly 18 months, the EPA team of Gemma, Leigh-Ann and Rachel are always very quick to respond to questions and are a great support for our apprentices and tutors. IPP provides resources that help to support our apprentices in readiness for their EPA journey. The feedback we receive from apprentices are always complementary regarding the assessors and their roles within the EPA. It is great to see so many successful apprentices who achieve their payroll apprenticeships with IPP as an EPAO.

Davidah Law, EPA Manager at MBKB
The IPP team's dedication to providing prompt and helpful responses to inquiries ensures a smooth and efficient experience for all involved. The comprehensive resources available are designed to fully equip learners for their End-Point Assessment, offering them the best chance of success. The detailed and motivational feedback from the End Point Assessor not only guides the learners but also encourages their progress. The user-friendly IPP platform enhances this experience by simplifying the booking process for EPA activities, reflecting the overall commitment to responsiveness and support. The easily navigable website complements this by allowing quick access to essential information, ensuring that both the feedback and resources meet the high standards expected by learners and educators alike.
Megan Smith, Learning & Development Tutor at Smart Training & Recruitment

The End Point Assessment materials are excellent, and the support they give to ATPs to enable us to support our apprentices is first rate. The IPP’s End Point Assessment team responds to queries quickly and clearly, and perhaps even more importantly, they are continually seeking our suggestions as to how they can improve or in which they can provide even more help and support. 

Emma Millward, Program Program Lead at MBKB


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