Apprenticeship FAQs

How long is the apprenticeship scheme?

This will depend on the learner but typically level two will take 12 -15 months to complete. The level 3 will take approximately 15-18 months to complete.

How much will it cost me, the employer?

Recruitment and set-up of an apprenticeship scheme for the age range 16-18 years will be free of charge (FOC). If the person being recruited is in the 19-24 age range, this will be subsidised by government funding and the cost will be in the region of £1,500 per engaged apprentice. This is a one off fee and there will be no additional administration charges imposed. It is important to remember that the apprenticeship NMW (hourly fee £2.65) applies to all recruits.

Can I pay the apprentice National Minimum Wage (NMW) wage?

For the 1st year of employment you need to pay a minimum of £3.30 per hour. Please visit the following link for further information on apprentices and the NMW: Remember that the NMW increases year on year.

What if the apprentice does not wish to remain on the scheme for 15-18 months?

The simple answer is this would not be a suitable candidate. The person engaged in the scheme would be expected to complete the level they are engaged onto.

Should I wish to engage in the apprenticeship scheme when does this commence?

We are running a pilot between February and April and should be in a position to commence the scheme from May 2013.

What happens when the student has successfully achieved their apprenticeship?

At the end of the scheme the student will become an employee of the organisation. Depending on their individual and your business needs, they may then choose to progress to the CIPP's Foundation Degree in Payroll Management and would be eligible to undertake the Institute's APEL (Accredited Prior Experiential Learning) interview free of charge and, if successful, will gain direct entry to year two of the Foundation Degree qualification.

Will you find me a candidate or do we recruit directly?

Either, we can assist you whichever you prefer to do. If you, as the employer, recruit directly the CIPP will only step in to assist when you have recruited and signed an apprentice/s onto the scheme. However; should you require assistance we could assist you to recruit individuals onto the scheme and can discuss this in more detail on an employer by employer basis during your initial meeting.

How much time off would be required for the individuals engaged?

Educational interaction would involve monthly face to face interaction with tutorials (teaching days), along with online learning support and tracking. We would discuss a learning plan with you in advance.

Do I need to employ the apprentice?

Yes. You will need to employ the apprentice from the start of the apprenticeship.

What does the student gain at the end of the apprenticeship scheme?

A level two or level three apprenticeship, or full apprenticeship if the individual has achieved both levels. Successful individuals will be provided with a certificate to prove knowledge and competency gained.

Who is the apprenticeship programme aimed at?

The apprenticeship scheme is designed to attract learners who are new to the payroll profession; therefore does not necessarily assume prior knowledge. It teaches individuals the day to day payroll operations and processes, such as calculation of gross pay.

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For more information and to discuss recruiting an apprentice, please talk to us on 0121 712 1040,, #earnandlearn or use the enquiry form.

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