Advanced apprenticeship in payroll

What will the apprentices learn on this programme?

  • Employment legislation for payroll
  • Statutory and non-statutory reporting of payroll data
  • PAYE, income tax and national insurance contributions
  • Theory of termination of employment
  • Working effectively in accounting and finance*
  • Determining gross pay
  • Payroll processing
  • Period end processing
  • Termination of employment
  • Payroll verification and reconciliation
  • Functional skills in mathematics, English and ICT if they are needed

* If you have completed this during the intermediate apprenticeship in payroll you may not have to complete this module.

The job functions this apprenticeship is suitable for include:

  • Supervising and training the payroll team
  • Creating payroll policies and procedures
  • Advising on tax and pay laws
  • Managing computer software and systems
  • Analysing and reporting on financial data
  • Checking and auditing payroll to make sure regulations are met

Entry requirements for the programme
A minimum two year experience in the payroll industry or have completed the intermediate apprenticeship in payroll and that the apprentice holds a level two in English, mathematics and ICT.

How is the apprenticeship assessed?
Through a blended learning approach that includes:

  • Continual contact with a specialist assessor that will include regular face to face contact and telephone calls (using Skype where possible)
  • Work is set (which could include workbooks, workplace evidence, assignments, knowledge texts and examinations), submitted, marked and verified using our e-portfolio system

How long will the apprenticeship take to complete?
Apprenticeship learning normally takes 12 to 15 months to complete.


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