CIPP Payroll Assurance Scheme testimonials

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"DLG first achieved the PAS accreditation in 2015 an have since been through re-accreditation twice. Achieving PAS certainly raised the profile of the Payroll Team within the organisation as we were able to show that our processes met and exceeded the key standards required by the Payroll Industry/Profession.  I think that this is really important as historically Payroll is under valued and only talked about when things go wrong. PAS has ensured that we constantly focus on the development of our team to address key skills gaps along with a continuous improvement culture that ensures we are always reviewing and updating our internal procedures."
Ian Davis MCIPPdip, Head of Payroll Services, Direct Line Group
The CIPP Assurance Scheme process was well organised and the progression throughout the process was smooth. Whilst there was a need to provide evidence of compliance on payroll tasks and processes the paperwork involved  it was simple to follow and relatively easy to complete.  The CIPP team were helpful in providing guidance and were responsive to queries raised.  The assessment day was managed well by the assessors who were clear and precise in their requirements from us as an organisation and they were both were professional and friendly.  The accreditation has been an additional selling point for on the commercial front and  as a payroll provider gives us the confidence that the service we are providing is of the highest level.
Lisa Wilson ACIPP, ESS Service Manager, North Yorkshire Government