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  Delivery: Virtual classroom
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Since the Supreme Court ruled that accrual rates such as 12.07% cannot be used to calculate annual leave, it is more essential than ever that anyone in charge of administering holiday leave and pay understands these complex rules.

Why you should attend

As a result of the Supreme Court's decision in Harpur Trust v Brazel, the position on paying holiday entitlements to casual workers has become if not simpler, at least clearer. Accrual rates like 12.07% are now unlawful and employers must ensure that workers receive 5.6 weeks paid leave per year using an average of the last 52 weeks' earnings. This short webinar focuses on how employers can ensure compliance when paying workers with no normal hours of work such as casual workers, part year workers and workers on zero hours contracts.

Understanding holiday pay and leave is vital to be able to:

  • Calculate how much leave a worker is entitled to
  • Pro-rate leave entitlement where a worker begins or leaves part way through a leave year
  • Calculate holiday payments
  • Make payment for final holiday
  • Comply with statutory obligations for worker entitlements

What you will learn

In this short webinar, you will learn how to ensure compliance with recent Holiday Pay case law and legislation for workers who don't work normal hours, such as casual workers, part-year workers, and those on zero-hours contracts.

Once you have completed this course you will able to:

  • Determine leave entitlement for workers with no normal hours
  • Identify remuneration to be included in holiday pay
  • Calculate holiday pay using the 52 week average method

Course content

  • Annual leave entitlement for casual hours workers
  • The holiday pay calculation
  • Accrual rates and the impact of Brazel v Harpur Trust 
  • Paying holiday pay
  • Processing back pay

Prior learning required

No prior learning required

Continue your learning

Holiday leave and pay training course
CIPP's half-day holiday pay and leave course is recommended for delegates who require a deeper understanding of this topic. The course begins with a detailed explanation of the impact of influential case law and statutes and the differences between the different types of annual leave. You will be taught how to apply these parameters to a range of circumstances from calculating leave entitlements for workers on part time contracts to the interaction of holiday with other types of leave such as sick leave and maternity. A £25 discount per delegate is available for this course for anyone that has attended the Casual Workers and Holiday Pay webinar.