Please note: Materials for this course will be made available via an online platform, however a selection of this materials will need to be printed off and brought with you on the day. Login details for the online platform will be sent to you 10 days before the course start date. If you have any problems or questions, please email

Why you should attend

Payroll is invariably responsible for the largest expenditure for organisations through overseeing the payment of wages to employees and associated costs to other organisations, such as pension contributions and Employer’s NICs. It is an increasingly complicated, yet often poorly understood profession which requires the close collaboration of many other departments.

This course is aimed at those who have in depth knowledge of payroll and are new to payroll management or managing payroll without any previous formal training. It will suit individuals managing payroll in-house or service providers as it provides the skills required for the day to day management of the payroll function and its staff.

Newly promoted Payroll Managers/Supervisors, HR Co-ordinators, HR Managers, Finance Managers, Reward Managers, IT Managers, Financial & Management Accountants.

This course is not designed for those working in payroll in an administrative role which requires skills such as gross to net calculations. These delegates would benefit from undertaking either the Payroll Technician Certificate or Introduction to Payroll courses.

What you will learn

The purpose of this course is to help delegates identify the different roles required when managing a busy payroll department.

The course will help you to fully appreciate how to keep abreast of all changes in legislation and where these apply to the payroll function and will also provide guidance on how to ensure ongoing compliance, develop their management skills, be aware of how audit and fraud impact on the payroll department, contingency planning and help individuals to manage their staff in an efficient and effective manner.

  • Enhance working relations within an organisation
  • Develop an insight into the workings of the Payroll Department
  • Improve services to employees
  • Promote the image of the Payroll Department
  • Ensure ongoing compliance

Course content

  • Director NICs
    • Directors fees and bonuses
    • Dividends
    • Loan/current account
    • Annual earnings periods
  • Holiday pay
    • Annual leave entitlement
    • Statutory verses contractual leave
    • Notification requirements
  • Benefits and expenses
    • Record keeping
    • Expenses
    • Benefits
    • HMRC reporting
  • Taxed Award Schemes and Payment Settlement Agreements
    • Setting up a Taxed award scheme
    • Setting up a Payment Settle Agreement
    • Calculating NICs
  • Overpayments and Recovery
    • Causes and situation that arise
    • Deductions from pay
    • Legal action
  • Determining employment status
    • The determining factors
    • IR35
    • Construction industry scheme
  • Service level agreements
    • Producing a service level agreement
    • Performance management of a SLA
  • Appraisal
    • What is an appraisal?
    • Types of appraisal
    • Conducting an appraisal
    • Action planning
  • Key performance indicators
    • Monitoring business performance
    • Types of KPI
    • Benchmarking tools


  • Audit and Fraud
    • Payroll fraud
    • Internal audits
    • Risk assessment
    • Business continuity
  • Payroll obligations
    • Department structures
    • Obligations of the payroll department


Prior learning required

As this course is aimed at those who are new to payroll management or managing payroll without any previous formal training, there is no requirement for delegates to be payroll qualified.


Continuing your learning

Delegates may also benefit from attending the Payroll & HR Legislation Update as this course helps build delegates expertise and confidence by providing detailed explanations and practical information about recent, current and proposed changes in tax, NICs, employment law, deductions and statutory payments.

Those delegates wishing to enhance their career opportunities through the achievement of an industry recognised qualification may benefit from completing The Foundation Degree in Payroll Management.  This qualification gives students an in-depth understanding of payroll and the relevant legislation and also provides students with the tools required to develop and enhance their managerial skills.

Booking information

For more information please email or call us on 0121 712 1000. 

Closing date for bookings is two weeks prior to the course date.