Who is this course aimed at

The course is an online introduction to PAYE aimed at people new to payroll or others wishing to update existing knowledge

What will I learn

Come away from this course being able to accurately calculate taxable pay, understand the terminology associated with PAYE, increase your general understanding of PAYE and ensure that you can calculate PAYE correctly.

On completion the learner will:

  • Know what the PAYE system is and how it operates
  • Be able to describe the importance of tax codes in the accurate operation of payroll
  • Discover the impact of any non-taxable elements on the taxable pay figure
  • Be able to determine an employee’s pay adjustment figure using their tax code, pay interval and pay date
  • Be able to calculate an employee’s taxable pay
  • Know the current tax bands and rates, and when they apply
  • Be able to select the appropriate taxable pay tables to calculate income tax, depending on the taxable pay figure
  • Be able to calculate an employee’s income tax using the taxable pay tables

Course content

·         The calculation of taxable pay

o   Introduction to the PAYE system

o   Tax periods

o   Tax codes

o   Pay adjustments

o   Non-taxable elements of pay

·         The calculation of PAYE on taxable pay

o   Tax bands and rates

o   The taxable pay tables

o   Calculating PAYE

Booking information

For more information please email or call us on 0121 712 1063. 

Closing date for bookings is two weeks prior to the course date