website key info icon.png   Duration: 1 hour, completed within 21 days access
  Delivery: e-learning
  CPD: 1 point

This course helps you begin your payroll journey with an overview of how to pay Statutory Maternity Pay, including key terms and phrases and some simple calculations to help solidify your knowledge.


Why you should attend

An important part of being a payroll professional, is understanding the importance of processing Statutory Maternity Pay.

During this one hour, e-learning course, you’ll learn how and when to pay Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP), understand the basics of SMP and identify who is eligible to receive SMP, as well as how to clearly explain the eligibility process to employees.

The course is suitable for delegates that have the following suggested roles of newly employed:

  • Payroll administrators
  • Payroll co-ordinators
  • HR administrators
  • HR co-ordinators

And you may be working in either:

  • A payroll bureau
  • Accountancy firm
  • In-house payroll team

What you will learn and delivery

On this course you will learn:

  • Absence overview
  • The basics of Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP)
  • Eligibility for SMP
  • Calculating SMP
  • Paying SMP

Courses are delivered using the IPPE Online Learning Portal. Once registered for the course, you will be introduced to the topics covered throughout the hour and the course learning outcomes. Learning is achieved via a step by step process throughout the module, with a short test at the end of each topic, ensuring you have a full understanding of the course.

Once all topics have been completed, you’ll be presented with a link to download your learning resources, including the module workbook. You’ll also be taken through the learning outcomes once again with the opportunity to revisit any of the topics covered.

The course material will be provided on the date that you have booked, and you will have three weeks from this date to complete.

Course contents

The e-learning course guides you through:

  • Tell the difference between statutory and contractual pay
  • Explain eligibility to employees
  • Identify who is eligible to receive SMP
  • The average earnings test
  • Calculate how much SMP to pay
  • Explain how and when to pay SMP

Prior learning required

This course is designed for someone that is entirely new to payroll and covers the very basics of Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP)

Continuing your learning

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Pricing and booking information

£99 +VAT