Taking place at the CIPP's Annual Conference and Exhibition, the Annual Excellence Awards are the longest running awards in the industry and, as such are highly competitive and sought after accolade.

With over 285 pieces of legislation impacting on the industry in the UK alone, and over £416bn* collected through National Insurance and tax contributions, payroll and pensions play a significant role in the UK economy. Therefore the professionals responsible for the accurate, compliant and timely delivery of these services within their organisations should be recognised for their important and strategic roles. The CIPP's annual excellence awards are designed to do just that; recognising the true payroll and pension professionals who have made an outstanding contribution and demonstrated commitment to excellence in their profession.

After dinner speaker - Alistair McGowan

Alistair McGowan has to date, had an extensive career in almost every area of entertainment. He started his career by providing voices for the iconic ‘Spitting Image’ Since then he has worked extensively in television, theatre and radio. McGowan is famed for his impressions and is perhaps, best known to audiences for BAFTA winning ‘The Big Impression’. He is also a favourite on our screens featuring on ‘Mock the week’ and ‘Live at the Apollo’, to name but a few.  He continues to delight audiences on tours with his ever-changing range of impressions.