The CIPP's Annual Excellence Awards

Taking place at the prestigious Celtic Manor Resort in Wales on 3 October, the CIPP Annual Excellence Awards 2019 is the only UK payroll awards ceremony.

With over 285 pieces of legislation impacting on the industry in the UK alone and over £250billion* collected through National Insurance and tax contributions, payroll and pensions play a significant role in the UK economy. Therefore the professionals responsible for the accurate, compliant and timely delivery of these services within their organisations should be recognised for their important and strategic roles.

The CIPP's Annual Excellence Awards are designed to do just that; recognising the true payroll and pension professionals who have made an outstanding contribution and demonstrated a commitment to excellence in their profession.

Annual Excellence Awards - what are the benefits in nominating?


Deadline for nominations is 31 July 2019

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Categories for 2019

Newcomer/apprentice of the year
This award is aimed at those new to the payroll/pensions industry, within the last two years, or are currently completing an apprenticeship, who have made a significant impact and contribution to their organisation within that time.

Manager of the year
The manager of the year award is open to anyone working in payroll and/or pensions and will be presented to an individual that has shown an exceptional contribution to their organisation through managing a team, project or process.

My biggest influencer award
We have all met someone in our careers who has had a positive impact, whether a colleague, line manager or unofficial mentor. This award gives you an opportunity to say thank you to that person!

Well-being and employee engagement award
With an increasing focus on employee health and wellbeing, this award will recognise payroll departments who have introduced initiatives within their organisation designed to improve the general health, wellbeing and/or financial awareness of their employees.

Project of the year
Implementation of projects in payroll and pensions is commonplace, and this award recognises the work involved in implementing a successful project.

In-house payroll team of the year
This award recognises the in-house payroll team that has compelled their employer to recognise the important role that the department can play in improving the overall company performance, and not just perceive the department as a cost centre

International payroll service provider of the year
Organisations turn to service providers to deliver compliant and efficient payroll services within their organisation. This award will be presented to the provider proven to demonstrate a commitment to customer service and an effective and compliant international payroll service.

Software product of the year
This award is aimed at software products which are sold and supplied for companies to run their own payroll in-house. It will recognise an organisation that is committed to ensuring that its software is compliant, user-friendly, enables best practice and is well supported.

Payroll service provider of the year
This award is open to service providers regardless of size and will be presented to the provider proven to demonstrate a commitment to customer service and an effective and compliant payroll function.

Winners of last years Annual Excellence Awards 2018 can be found here.

Guidance on nominating for an Annual Excellence Award

To give yourself the best chance at winning an Annual Excellence Award, follow our tips below.

     1. Allow plenty of time to complete your nomination

It takes time to put a nomination together so make sure that you improve your chances by allowing plenty of time to do so and not leaving it until the last minute.  

Take the time to consider how clear and concise your entry is to stay within the word limit and give your entry the best chance of standing out to the judges.

Entries must be submitted via the online platform by 31 July 2019.

     2. Focus on the criteria and evidence

Make sure you meet each of the criteria outline for the award.  Ensure you provide evidence of how you have met the criteria to attain higher scores from the judges.  The winning nomination is, quite simply, the nomination with the highest score at the end of the process.

You can attach up to three supporting documents in PDF format. But be sure that they add to your nomination. Avoid adding unnecessary information that the judges will need to sift through to find your point.

     3. Have a great summary statement

You should write your summary state last to be sure it covers everything contained in your nomination. It needs to be succinct.

Remember, the Annual Excellence Awards get lots of nominations.  Use your summary to stand out from the competition.


* based on Income Tax and National Insurance contributions as shown here.