Our 2023 conference programme includes 20 workshop sessions, split across 5 streams over the two days. Each stream features a workshop from one of four topic areas; payroll leaders summit, payroll and reward, payroll service provider, and the skilled professional.

Day one - 4 October 2023

  Face to Face Conference
12:00 – 13:30 Registration, lunch and networking
13:30 – 13:50
20 mins

Welcome from the CIPP 
Clare Warrington MSc FCIPPdip AFHEA, chair, CIPP

13:50 – 13:55 Keynote sponsor’s welcome 
13:55 – 14:35
40 mins
Plenary one - Keynote speaker 
Angela MacDonald, Deputy Chief Executive and Second Permanent Secretary, HMRC
14:35 – 14:40 Welcome from main sponsors 
14:40 – 15:10 Refreshments and networking with exhibitors
15:10 – 15:55
45 mins

Workshop 01 
Payroll Leaders Summit

Pay transparency and equality on the global scene
Ana Laiu MSc FCIPPdip, head of payroll, PPHE Hotel Group

Working across multiple countries and jurisdictions, Ana has a unique perspective on global payroll.
Using her knowledge of UK and global payroll, this session will cover:
• equal pay and pay transparency as defined by law 
• pay fairness, the minimum pay protections guaranteed by law and the associated reporting
• insights into where the UK stands on the global stage when it comes to the gender pay gap and what employers can do to ensure best practice in making changes internally. 
Workshop 02
Pensions and Reward

Pensions top tips 
Shaun Tetley FCIPP, Payroll and Pension manager, Portsmouth City Council 

A 'must attend' and always popular pensions workshop covering pension top tips. Nothing stands still in the world of pensions and this session will bring you up to date on all you need to know.
This fast-paced session will cover:
•    state pensions
•    DB/DC pensions 
•    AE 
•    pension dashboards
•    and much more. 

We’ll also check whether you have completed your critical pension actions.

Workshop 03
Payroll Service Provider 

What makes a successful payroll bureau?
Barry Matthews, consultant, Bureau Strategy

Many payroll bureau managers have one objective at the start of a month - to get to the end of it. In this presentation, Barry will share two decades of experience working with bureaux of all sizes and reveal the factors which the most successful bureau operations share.

Workshop 04
The Skilled Professional

Master your own super-power!
Dr Sue Smith EdD MA BEd FHEA FCMI Cmgr Assoc CIPD ACIPP, education director, CIPP 

Would you like to engage your very own superpower? We all have one! 

Sue will talk about how she found her own superpower, how she uses it and will discuss how harnessing that power can make you a great role-model for future professionals.

Learn how to take a bet on yourself and use your superpower for good.

16:05 – 16:50
45 mins
Workshop 05
Payroll Leaders Summit
Organisational strategy development
Elaine Gibson MSc ChFCIPP MCMI FHEA, consultant, People Transformation 
This session is aimed at managers / leaders who are responsible for managing a senior leadership team.
Highly interactive, this session will guide you through a tried and tested example of how to co-ordinate your team and link strategy to your team goals, as well as your organisational mission and values.
You’ll get the opportunity to share best practice and identify takeaways to apply in your workplace.
Workshop 06
Pensions and Reward

Looking after the payroll and reward professional
Karen Beckett BA (Hons) ChFCIPP, head of payroll and benefits, Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust

Stress and mental wellness can still be seen as taboo subjects by some but will affect us all at some point and we’ll all deal with them differently. This session will discuss the impact of stress on the payroll professional, both work-related and personal, by exploring:

  • possible triggers

  • signs of stress

  • support tools.

Workshop 07
Payroll Service Provider
What's in the toolbox to enhance your payroll career?
Karen Thomson MSc ChFCIPPdip FHEA, UK payroll director Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP
Maria Mason, partner at BDO LLP
Karen and Maria will share their experiences on how they have supported those looking to join payroll or wanting to enhance their career, perhaps with progression.  
More often now, school leavers are looking for a career in payroll, rather than historically falling into payroll.  As an employer do you know what you could include in the toolkit to enable them to achieve their aspirations and or objectives?
The session will cover:
•    What tools could you include in the toolbox?
•    How can you link your career pathways to CIPP’s Payroll Assurance Scheme and ACT?
•    Example of a competency framework
•    Sharing a career path video including company competencies.
Workshop 08
The Skilled Professional
National minimum wage 
Jeni Morris, head of national minimum wage specialist team,  EY 
National minimum wage (NMW) regulations are complex, peppered with technical pitfalls and poorly understood by many organisations. Unintentional errors can lead to a significant reputational issue for businesses of all sizes, despite a perception that their employees are well paid. 
With HMRC increasing its enforcement activity across many sectors, join this session where Jeni will: 
  • share her extensive experience of working within HMRC’s NMW team and her current role as head of NMW at EY 

  • discuss current NMW risks in the spotlight and those HMRC may be focussing on in the future.

16:50 – 16:55 Welcome back
16:55 – 17:35
40 mins

Plenary two  - CIPP policy team update 
Samantha O’Sullivan ChMCIPPdip, policy lead, CIPP and Mathew Akrigg ACIPP, policy and research officer, CIPP

Join Samantha O’Sullivan and Mathew Akrigg who will provide a CIPP policy update in our closing plenary session of day one. We will explore the latest hot topics in payroll legislation and policy. Don't miss out on this informative session!

17:35 – 17:40 Introduction
17:40 – 17:45 Day one conference close 
Clare Warrington MSc FCIPPdip AFHEA, chair, CIPP
19:30 – 22:00 Networking buffet

Day two - 5 October 2023

08:30 – 09:00 Registration, refreshments and exhibition
09:00 – 09:05
Conference Day two opening from CIPP
Clare Warrington MSc FCIPPdip AFHEA, chair, CIPP
09:05 – 09:10 Introduction 
09:10 - 09:55
45 mins
Plenary three - 5 Skills to Succeed in a Squiggly Career
Delivered by Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis, co-Founders of Amazing If
In this keynote, Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis, co-founders of Amazing If, will introduce what a squiggly career is, and share the five most important squiggly skills: strengths, values, confidence, networks and possibilities.
09:55 – 10:00 Introduction
10:00 – 10:30
30 mins

Plenary four  - Financial wellbeing 
Michelle Sutton MCIPPdip, head of compensation and reward, SUEZ
Ian Hodson, MScChMCIPPdip
Emma Stockdale, research lead, Nest Insight

Join our panel of experts leading the way in the financial wellbeing space to hear what they are doing to support employees through payroll. 

10:30 – 11:00 Networking and refreshments with exhibitors 
11:00 – 11:45
45 mins
Workshop 09
Payroll Leaders Summit

Strategic Approach to Problem Solving 
Ellis Rees FCIPPdip, strategic account director UK and Ireland, ADP

Here I want to take you through a journey of solving problems. Using standard methodology, through to positioning a solution and rolling this out. This follows the DMAIC (Define Measure Analyse Implement Control) process, as used in Six Sigma.

In this session I’ll cover:

  • introduction to strategy

  • importance of Data and turning data to information and using Pareto 

  • problem solving and the five whys

  • implementing change.

Workshop 10
Pensions and Reward

The Pensions Regulator: pensions update  
Andy Nicholls FCIPP, industry liaison officer, The Pensions Regulator
Emma James, The Pensions Regulator   

Join Andy on this whistlestop tour of all things pensions - past, present and future - and how any changes will impact the payroll profession.  
The discussion will include updates on: 
•    pension dashboards 
•    how to avoid pension scams 
•    TPR’s current compliance work  
•    how to correct mistakes  
•    pension scheme news  
•    public sector schemes  
•    automatic enrolment changes. 

Workshop 11
Payroll Service Provider 
Anti money laundering (AML) – what you need to know
Samantha Grant, head of business development, Institute of Accountants and Bookkeepers
Some third party payroll service providers are exempt from Money Laundering Regulations, but once outside these boundaries, you need to be aware of the AML regulations that operate in the UK. Being caught in a Money Laundering scenario, even unintentionally, could result in a prison sentence.

The IAB will give an insight into AML and how best to keep on the right side of the law.
Workshop 12
The Skilled Professional

Directors' tax and NI - hot topics
Paul Tucker, senior employment taxes specialist, UNW LLP

HMRC pays particular attention to the tax and NI treatment of directors. Employers face many challenges in this area. The session will address the following issues:

  • Non-Executive Director fees and expenses

  • directors engaged via PSCs

  • off-payroll working impact

  • nominee directors

  • director NI rules and common errors

  • non-resident directors and PAYE

  • home working directors (including overseas).

11:55 – 12:35
40 mins
Workshop 13
Payroll Leaders Summit
Managing global mobility
Moniza Syeda, global mobility content manager, Tolley's (LexisNexis UK)
Ros Hendren MSc CMgr FCMI dip FCIPPdip FHEA, consultant, Well Paid Consulting 
This session will look at:
•    what global mobility means in the context of remote working 
•    accidental expats and the global labour market
•    employers’ multi-jurisdictional tax compliance issues
•    the cost of compliance versus non-compliance
•    the trend in using an ‘employer of record’ 
•    managing global payroll while minimising costs.
Workshop 14
Pension and Reward 
Using benefits to support employee recruitment and retention
Laurie Eggleston, associate director, Grant Thornton
Employers are now recruiting in a challenging environment. With resources stretched thin, how can employers work to maximise the impact their benefits have?

We’ll explore how to reframe benefits around what matters to employees. This will include looking at the bigger picture and placing benefits alongside broader themes such as well-being, culture and training.
Workshop 15
Payroll Service Provider
Cybersecurity Panel session
Jim Steven, Experian
Brian Sparling
Will Jackson
Daniel Rice, manager UK payroll product management, Workday
James Proctor, chief operating officer, Phase 3
Workshop 16
The Skilled Professional

Quality over quantity: how to use microlearning
Polly Sinclair MSc FCIPPdip MSET, programme tutor, West Suffolk College

To maintain high standards, payroll professionals need to ensure they’re constantly developing their knowledge and skills. But the time for lengthy training days has passed, and Zoom fatigue is real. The solution? Microlearning.

Explore the concept and benefits of this approach and how you can adopt it into your learning and development strategy using this quality over quantity technique.

12:35 – 13:35 Lunch and networking with exhibitors
13:35 – 14:00
Plenary five - Employment law update 
Hannah Strawbridge, Founder + CEO, Han Law and Laura Collins, employment solicitor, Han Law
Laura Collins of Han Law Co will provide delegates a backward glance at key employment law changes introduced in 2023 and reflect on the changes necessary for employers to make to remain compliant. With a particular focus on holiday pay, Laura will also highlight some key cases from 2023 and what we expect to see in the courts in 2024.
With a host of Private Members' Bills working their way through Parliament, and a number of consultations launched, in particular with reference to the calculation of holiday pay, Laura will also provide insight and guidance on how to prepare for the changes likely to start filtering through in 2024 and beyond. 
14:10 – 14:50
40 mins
Workshop 17
Payroll Leaders Summit 

The agile payroll team
John Cronin, CEO, Subio and Sarah Slack, CRO, Subio 

Staying up to date in a world of ever-changing legislative and compliance requirements is a challenge. This is magnified by varying business needs and socio-economic changes which have become increasingly prevalent.

This session will explore how to create and sustain an agile payroll team that adapts quickly and adds business value through mindset, methodology and management.

Workshop 18
Pensions and Reward
CIPP Bitesize training: "hot topic" payrolling benefits
Fiona Smith MCIPPdip, training manager, CIPP 
Are you and your team up to speed with the rules following the abolition of paper P11Ds and P11D(b)s to HMRC in 2023? 
Join Fiona as she discusses everything you need to know about payrolling benefits. This is the perfect opportunity to review your / your clients’ processes around reporting expenses and benefits to HMRC. 
We will share with you:
•    how to register for payrolling benefits
•    the pros and cons of payrolling
•    an overview of benefits in kind
•    Q&A.

Don’t miss out on this informative session!
Workshop 19
Payroll Service Provider 

Automation panel 
Caine Bingham, data acquisition manager, Experian; Steve Watmore, product manager UK&I, Sage; Nick Clarke, director of product management – payroll, legislation & portal solutions, Zellis; Stephen Burr, EVP and managing director, Zalaris; Ben May MCIPPdip MBCS, senior manager – UK payroll compliance, ADP; Daniel Rice, manager UK payroll product management, Workday

Conversations around automation are becoming commonplace in the payroll world. 

Experts from the world of automation and payroll discuss how new tools can:
•    increase efficiency
•    keep organisations competitive
•    save costs
•    demonstrate payroll’s strategic value
•    enhance employee well-being.

Workshop 20
The Skilled Professional

Tax case update 
Justine Riccomini MSc FFTA AIPA Chartered MCIPD ChFCIPP, head of tax, ICAS 

Join CIPP board director, Justine, in her ever-popular ACE slot for a rundown of the main employment tax cases from the last 12 months.  
You will gain an insight into: 
•    what the judiciary have been asked to review 
•    their approach to making decisions and the outcomes 
•    whether case decisions were binding. 
You’ll gain greater knowledge of key technical aspects of employment taxes legislation and why things work out the way they do.


14:50 – 15:15 Networking and refreshments with exhibitors
15:10-15:15  Overseas guest welcome
15:15 – 16:00
45 mins
Plenary six
HMRC Q&A panel session
16:00 – 16:30 Conference close and prize draws
19:30 – 01:00 The CIPP’s 20th annual excellence awards and entertainment

Programme and/or speakers subject to change without prior notification