DAY ONE – Wednesday 2 October

  Future of payroll
  Pension and reward
  Payroll: need to know
  Personal development
12:30 – 13:30 Registration, lunch and networking with exhibitors

13:30 - 13:55

Welcome from the CIPP
Jason Davenport, MCIPP, Chair, CIPP
13:55 – 14:35

Plenary one - Keynote speaker, sponsored by Sage
Daisy McAndrew, former chief political correspondent and economics editor

14:35 - 14:40 Welcome from main sponsors
14:40 - 15:10 Refreshments and networking with exhibitors
15:10 – 15:55 STREAM ONE
Workshop 01
Back to the future – The payroll version
Katie Sharpe, ACIPP, senior payroll manager, Saffery Champness LLP
After the huge number of changes payroll departments have experienced in the last 10 years, it is time to consider how we will survive the next 10 years if the intense nature of the changes continues. This session will consider:
  • What is required of individuals in payroll and departments as a whole not only to survive but thrive in this ever-changing landscape?
  • Tips on how to get fit for the future and not be left behind
Workshop 02
Payrolling benefits – Good for you and your employees
Ian Davis, MCIPPdip, head of payroll and business support, Direct Line Group
This session will look at why voluntarily payrolling benefits is a positive thing to do for your organisation and your employees. Ian will look at the way this can save time and money as well as enable employees with taxable benefits to get their tax paid in real time.
Workshop 03
Ask the panel – Compliance – includes NMW audits and PAS
Eira Hammond, ChFCIPPdip, managing director, Eira Consulting Limited, Independent Payroll/HR Consultancy
Don Macarthur, FCIPP, consultant, CIPP
Samantha Mann, MAAT MCIPPdip, senior policy and research officer, CIPP
Karen Thomson, MSc ChFCIPPdip FHEA, partner, head of payroll and employee services, Armstrong Watson LLP
Claire Warner, MSc FCIPP MBILD, payroll specialist, Payroll & Business Skills
Submit your questions in advance or come and speak to our panel of experts on any current compliance issues.
Workshop 04
Devolving payroll across the UK
Justine Riccomini, MSc FFTA AIPA Chartered MCIPD ChFCIPP, head of tax, ICAS
  • Justine will discuss how Scottish and Welsh Income Tax relates to the rest of the UK covering questions such as:
  • Does it create competition between jurisdictions?
  • Does it attract and retain, or the opposite? 
  • Does it raise the necessary public funding? 
  • Does it influence taxpayer behaviour? 
  • Does it drive more people to incorporate? 
  • Is it about politics or the economy? 
  • Does it make tax easier or more complicated? 
  • Is it more transparent, or more opaque? 
  • Do people understand it, or not? 
  • Is it possible, or even necessary, to identify every single Scottish and Welsh taxpayer?
Workshop 05
Payroll: A career in a world of technology
Karen Beckett, BA(Hons) ChFCIPP, head of payroll and benefits, Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust
Karen will look at the career path at a time of technology advancement, highlighting;
  • Skills required
  • Apprenticeship - ICS
  • Change adaptation
16:00 – 16:45 STREAM TWO
Workshop 06
Back to the future II – An alternative view
Julie Lock, MCIPPdip, general manager (Flexipay), Mitrefinch
Learn how the technology and human revolutions are re-shaping the role of the payroll professional.
Workshop 07
Pensions Top Tips
Shaun Tetley, FCIPPdip, payroll and pension manager, Portsmouth City Council
This workshop will provide a wide range of topical pension top tips covering both DC/DB schemes as well as the state pensions scheme. It will provide helpful information for you personally and also for your workplace.
Workshop 08
Managing sickness and grievance procedures
Jade Linton, senior assocciate solicitor, Thursfields Solicitors
In this interactive seminar Jade will advise on the law as it applies to managing sickness absence and grievance procedures.
It is hoped attendees will leave this introductory session with an understanding of the relevant legislative framework as it applies to managing sickness and grievance procedures with a better understanding of how to address the day to day scenarios applicable to both areas as they arise.
Workshop 09

An introduction to Payroll Giving
Mervi Slade, Payroll Giving specialist, Cancer Research UK
Kresh Verasamy, ACIPP, payroll manager, Cancer Research UK

In this session, Mervi and Kresh will share an introduction to Payroll Giving from why to how, covering:

  • What is Payroll Giving
  • How does it work
  • Benefit of the scheme to employee, employer and charities
  • Practical implication to payroll from the Payroll Manager’s point of view
Workshop 10
There’s more to payroll than payroll
Ben Hancock, MSc ChFCIPP, head of payroll, London School of Economics and
Ian Hodson, MSc ChMCIPPdip, head of reward – deputy director of human resources, University of Lincoln
Ben and Ian will look at career pathways available to payroll professionals. Aiming to inspire those with a background in payroll to develop their careers into senior roles within the profession, and the various options available such as HR, finance and reward. The session will look at the soft skills required to succeed at a senior level.
16:50 – 16:55 Welcome from the American Payroll Association
Jodi Parsons, president, American Payroll Association
16:55 - 17:40
Plenary two
Payroll legislation update
Helen Hargreaves, MSc ChFCIPPdip, associate director of policy, CIPP
This session will cover topical issues changes affecting payroll, pensions and reward. The session is likely to include:
  • The Good Work Plan
  • CEO pay ratio reporting
  • Devolution
  • Student loans
  • Minimum wage
  • Reporting gender/ethnicity pay gap
  • Workplace pensions
17:40 - 17:45 Day one close
19:30 - 22:00

Networking buffet


DAY TWO – Thursday 3 October

  Future of payroll
  Pension and reward
  Payroll: need to know
  Personal development
08:30 – 09:00 Registration, refreshments and exhibition
09:00 - 09:45
Plenary three
Motivational session
09:45 – 09:50

Welcome from the Canadian Payroll Association
Wendy Doane, chair of the board, Canadian Payroll Association

09:50 – 10:20
Plenary four – HMRC panel, sponsored by the Canadian Payroll Association
Submit the questions you would like to ask HMRC in advance to
10:20 – 10:50 Networking and refreshments with exhibitors
10:50 – 11:35 STREAM THREE
Workshop 11
Integrated payroll and HR - how technology can link the future of payroll and HR
John Pearce, senior vice president, payroll and treasury, CloudPay
Automation technology plays a key role in shaping the linked future of payroll & HR, giving companies tools required to benchmark performance & manage resources in a sophisticated, data-driven way. Examining how one customer benefitted from RPA & global SSCs, this session will explore how automation enables an integrated solution that drives performance while elevating the role of both functions.
Workshop 13
The Blind Side – Interactive exercise in developing an eye for accuracy
Hugh Murray, FCIPD, director, Scott Bradbury

Hugh leads an interactive exercise in developing an eye for accuracy, giving you insights into why all human beings make mistakes and practical examples of what you can do to reduce error in payroll and pensions.
Workshop 14
Off-payroll in the private sector – what it means for you
Karen Thomson, MSc ChFCIPPdip FHEA, partner, head of payroll and employee services, Armstrong Watson LLP
With off-payrolling already operating in the public sector, the Government announced a similar scheme for the private sector.  Consultation will be had throughout 2019 with implementation scheduled for 2020.  Karen works closely with the CIPP policy team and is also a member of the Employment & Payroll Group all of whom will be looking at this legislation in detail.  This session will, therefore, look at the following areas from both an employer perspective and a payroll service provider perspective:
  • Overview of what the legislation entails
  • Who do the new rules apply to/for
  • How will the CEST tool support employers in determining employment status
  • The view from a payroll bureau perspective as they will have numerous clients this will impact
  • Opportunity for open discussion
Workshop 15
Building the confidence to put forward your ideas

Hector Riva-Palacio, managing director, Helping Reach Potential Ltd


In this session, Hector will demonstrate the importance of strengths psychology, together with a path of positive mindset model which will help you feel more confident. He will introduce his communication model, which supports the framework and structuring of professional communication. He will:


  • Introduce the importance of honest authentic communication
  • Examine how you think and feel
  • Introduce mindset and communication models
11:40 – 12:25 STREAM FOUR
Workshop 16
Will Alexa be running your payroll?
Stuart Hall, MA PGMdip MCIPPdip, director,
How long will it be before ‘Alexa’ runs the payroll? Will we really be able to leave the payroll to a robot?
Workshop 17
How to help your employees engage with their pension
Ian Hill, senior consultant, LEBC Group Ltd
Employers generally face enormous hurdles in getting their employees to engage in long-term financial planning, despite the challenging retirement landscape that most employees face. The session will develop on how employers find a way to get the employees’ attention.
Many employers mistakenly believe that simply telling people to save more will change behaviour, but it is not straight forward. How can employers influence employees’ behaviour?

The secret to good employee engagement is ….it is never finished
Workshop 18
Global payroll – interactive Q&A panel session
Dianne Hoodless, MSc ChFCIPP FHEA, EMEA Payroll Manager, Hyperion Insurance Group
David Longworth, research director, Webster Buchanan research Ltd
Use this opportunity to ask global experts any questions that you may have relating to global or related to specific scenarios within your organisation. Don’t forget that you can submit your questions to the panel in advance through the conference app or via email.
Workshop 19
How payroll software can help you meet new legislation obligations panel session
Pauline Green, ACIPP, compliance manager, Intuit Quickbooks
Ros Hendren, MSc, CMgr FCMI dip, FCIPPdip, FHEA, consultant, Well Paid Consulting
Simon Parsons, MSc FCIPPdip MBCS, director of payments benefits & compliance strategies, SD Worx UK Limited
Neil Tonks, ChMCIPPdip, legislation manager, MHR
This panel session will include experts from payroll software developers explaining what is new to payroll and how they help payroll professionals comply.
12:25 – 13:25 Lunch and networking with exhibitors
13:30 - 14:15 STREAM FIVE
Workshop 21
Think multi-channel to achieve 100% automation of payslips
Glyn King, managing director, Datagraphic
Despite increasing implementation of online payslips, the latest CIPP Future of Payroll Report shows few organisations are achieving 100% digital. Many are still printing payslips to post, hand deliver or for employee collection. In this session, payslip distribution expert, Glyn King, explores how you can use technology and automation tools to better deliver payslips in a format your employee wants to receive them – even if that is in print as well as online!

You will learn:
  • To identify the key barriers preventing employees adopting epayslips
  • How to make epayslips accessible to more employees
  • How to automate the printing of payslips for employees who will never be digital
As owner of the UK’s largest independent epayslip and payslip printing business, Datagraphic, Glyn can draw on experience working with over 900 organisations to share case stories, success stories and to take questions about your payslip distribution concerns.
Workshop 22
Should you switch to cloud-based payroll?
Danny Rice, Manager for UK payroll product management, Workday
Kresh Verasamy, ACIPP, payroll and systems specialist, Cancer Research UK

More and more employers are switching to cloud-based payroll. This session will explore what this means in practical terms, the pro's and con’s to selecting a cloud-based payroll and discuss whether cloud-based payroll is right for your business. The session will end with a case study discussion from Cancer Research UK discussing their decision on selecting a cloud-based payroll;

This session will explore:
  • What is a cloud-based payroll
  • The benefits of the cloud
  • How it can be used by small employers, large employers and payroll service providers
  • Integration between HR and payroll
  • Cancer Research UK case study
Workshop 23
Advisory panel Q&A and topical debate
Jill Smith MCIPPdip, policy operations manager, CIPP
Angela Adams MCIPPdip, policy and advisory officer, CIPP
Gemma Mullis ACIPP, policy and advisory officer, CIPP

This is your opportunity to ask the CIPP Advisory Service and policy team any burning questions that you may have relating to payroll, either in general or related to specific scenarios within your organisation. Don’t forget that you can submit your questions to the team in advance through the conference app.
Workshop 24
How we pay our employees – security considerations and the impact on payroll

Brian Cunnington, SME and consultant, Pay UK


We all make and receive payments. Monday to Friday, nine to five banking is no longer acceptable, and we expect to be able to send and receive payments instantly 24 hours a day without fail.  This capability brings massive convenience and benefits to a society that is increasingly used to live and up to date information. However, alongside the benefits, a simple mistyped number or deliberate fraudulent action can also bring misery to the sender of the payment.


Confirmation of Payee is a name checking service created by Pay.UK, designed to prevent certain types of fraud and now being implemented by banks and building societies. This discussion will shine a light on what Confirmation of Payee is, how it is being implemented, how it might develop in the future and what action you need to take now. 

Workshop 25
Why become a thought leader?
Elaine Gibson, MSc ChFCIPP, MCMI, FHEA, director of people and quality, Dataplan Payroll Limited
Thought Leadership has become one of the latest buzz trends but what does it mean to you? The concept of thought leadership can be used to your advantage and can be interpreted in a number of ways, if your answer is yes to the points below then this session is for you:
  • Do you want to become a role model?
  • Do you want to be seen as an influencer?
  • Do you want to progress your career?
14:15 – 14:45 Networking and refreshments with exhibitors
14:45 – 14:50 Welcome from the Irish Payroll Association
Helena Holdwright, director, Irish Payroll Association
14:50 – 15:30
Plenary five
Update from the Pensions Regulator
Andy Nicholls, Industry liaison manager, The Pensions Regulator
15:30 – 16:10
Plenary six
Employment law update
Jade Linton, senior associate solicitor, Thursfields Solicitors
Jade will provide an employment law update of the past twelve months to include practical analysis of case law.
It is hoped attendees will leave Jade’s practical session with a solid understanding of key employment law changes and events over the past twelve months as well as some guidance on how best to prepare for what is ahead.
16:10 – 16:30 Conference close and prize draw
19:30 – 01:00 The CIPP’s Annual Excellence Awards 2019 and entertainment