Continuing professional development

CPD is any form of learning or development that benefits you in your professional environment.

Examples include:

  • Calls into the CIPP’s Advisory Service
  • On the job learning
  • Reading News On Line, Professional in Payroll, Pensions and Reward and other publications
  • Attending national forums
  • Any form of networking where you may have learned something new
  • Attending training courses and/or events CPD is not just completing a qualification; it is the part that comes after that. Achieving a qualification is a great way of demonstrating knowledge and skills at a given point in time. CPD is demonstrating that you have maintained and developed that knowledge and skill set and should be achieved through setting learning objectives and development goals, whatever stage of your career.

CPD frequently asked questions

Why is CPD important?

Things are changing all of the time. Through logging your CPD with the CIPP, and therefore using the letters associated with membership after your name, you are demonstrating your commitment to keeping up to date and compliant with constantly changing legislation. You are also showing your employer, or future employers, that you are open to change and willing to learn new processes or ways of doing things which may improve operational efficiencies.

Who needs to complete CPD?

 All CIPP memberships have access to the CPD area of the website. If you are an associate, full or fellow member of the CIPP you will need to evidence your CPD to be able to renew your membership as this is in accordance with the CIPP code of conduct.

How do I log CPD?

Log into the members’ area and record of all of your CPD activity by completing the form. This links to your membership record and enables continued use of the letters after your name.

1-2-1 CPD appointments

The CIPP offers 1-2-1 CPD appointments at all of our events. To book your CPD appointment or for more information, please email us.

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