AGM board vacancy - further information


Thank you for your interest in the role of CIPP Board Director. As the independent Chair of the Institute’s Nominations and Appeals Committee I believe that it is important that the process of recommending candidates to the Board to stand for election is both transparent and fair. The information set out here provides information about the role of the Director, the application process, the core competencies required, the timeline that we will be working to in advance of the election and how you can apply.

Each application will be acknowledged, and candidates will subsequently be given a date and time for an interview to be conducted by the Nominations and Appeals Committee. The Committee will provide the CIPP Board with a full report detailing those candidates that are commended to stand for election. Once the board has made its decision on the recommendations, all candidates will be notified of the outcome and the successful candidates will go forward for election.

Helen Fairfoul

Independent Chair
CIPP Nominations and Appeals Committee

The Role of a Board Director

Full details of the role of a Board Director can be found here. A brief summary of the role is set out below:

As part of the board:

  • Ensure that the CIPP upholds and pursues the Mission Statement
  • Exercise regulatory and law enforcement duties
  • Make proposals to develop strategy and policy in the interests of the profession as a whole and the public, generating ideas and constructively building on those of others
  • Take decisions about the prioritising of strategy according to the importance of the issue to the CIPP and the payroll and pensions professions and the availability of resources
  • Support policies and strategy agreed by the Board and work positively and constructively to progress them
  • Monitor the implementation of policies, procedures and the effectiveness of the agreed strategy including the activities of those committees who act on the Board’s behalf
  • Represent the CIPP’s policies and views in a positive way to external audiences
  • Communicate with the membership, representing the views and policies of the CIPP and bringing issues back to the Board thus acting as a source of information as to membership views
  • Consider and take decisions on matters referred to the Board, by the CEO or the senior leadership team who report to them
  • Consider, as appropriate, highly sensitive matters relating to staff
  • Consider and support the work of the Policy and Research function
  • Set the framework for resource strategy
  • Ensure the financial viability of the CIPP

As an individual

  • Take responsibility for addressing the items that appear on the Board agenda by reading the papers beforehand, adhering to the agenda item and contributing to discussions for the development of the CIPP
  • Work with the Chair, fellow Board members and senior staff to resolve issues/ differences of view so that clear and collective decisions can be reached and action points can be attributable to individuals
  • Work constructively as part of a team – both on the Board and for the CIPP as a whole
  • If required, to act as a mentor/coach to help assist new Board members to settle in quickly
  • Attend all Board meetings
  • Participate in Board sub-committees as appropriate
  • Represent and present on behalf of the Board at CIPP events and other membership meetings


To serve on the Board you must be either an associate, full, fellow or Chartered member of the CIPP.

Core Competencies

The core competencies required for CIPP Board Directors are:

Ability to contribute to effective governance of CIPP

  • Understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the executive and non-executives in guiding and leading the strategic direction for CIPP.
  • A strong commitment to the Nolan principles of public life, including the need to demonstrate personal integrity, selflessness and honesty.

A personal commitment to advancing CIPP

  • Wishing to make the significant time commitment required from Board membership: both preparing for and attending meetings.
  • A strong desire to contribute personally to the strategic development, profile and success of CIPP through making a Board-level contribution.

Wanting to contribute to the Board’s overall effectiveness

  • A collaborative approach and wishing to listen/work constructively with others’ ideas as well as make an individual contribution.
  • Accepting of the need for collective responsibility for decisions taken – supportive of Board policies and able to work positively and constructively to progress them.

Professional credibility and personal presence

  • A broad knowledge of the payroll and/or pensions profession and its challenges.  
  • Confidence and skill to engage well with professional colleagues, including presenting to large groups from time to time and being an ‘ambassador’ for CIPP to various audiences.


  1. Roles advertised: 16 November 2020
  2. Applications close: 4 December 2020
  3. Nominations and Appeals Committee (NAC) Interviews: 7-17 December 20
  4. NAC recommendations to Board re those selected to stand for election: mid-January 2021
  5. Board decision: mid-January 2021
  6. Election launch: 1 February 2021
  7. Election and AGM: 31 March 2021

How to Apply

Please complete the online application form.