• 22 Feb 2019

480 (2019) Expenses and benefits

The 480 expenses and benefits tax guide has been updated to reflect changes for the 2019-20 tax year.

  • 22 Feb 2019

CIPP & HMRC survey Payrolling Benefits in Kind

Please spare ten minutes, if you haven't already, to help inform HMRC of the biggest barriers that currently exist which prevent employers from electing to payr...

  • 20 Feb 2019

Which software packages support the Making Tax Digital pilots

If you are an agent and you sign clients up to the Making Tax Digital pilots you’ll need software packages that, depending on your needs, let you send Income Ta...

  • 19 Feb 2019

Motors and mobiles – expenses and benefits explained

If you’re an employer providing expenses and benefits to employees, including directors, HMRC has a range of live webinars to help you get your tax obligations ...

  • 15 Feb 2019

Company car tax diesel supplement

Diesel cars which meet the levels of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions, permitted by Euro standard 6d, qualify for exemption from the entire diesel supplement.

  • 14 Feb 2019

CIPP & HMRC survey Payrolling Benefits in Kind

The CIPP policy team hear many positive comments about the Payrolling of Benefits in Kind Service from members who have chosen to register in order to payroll t...