• 26 Sep 2017

CIPD survey on proposed changes to payslips

The CIPD has been running a short survey on proposed changes to payslips. If your organisation pays people by the hour please take a couple of minutes to provid...

  • 22 Sep 2017

Half of UK businesses identified at least one cyber breach or attack in last 12 months

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail says HMRC’s tax agent blog; so what do you need to do to prepare against a cyber attack?

  • 22 Sep 2017

Class 1A National Insurance contributions on benefits in kind (CWG5)

The CWG5 has been updated to reflect the optional remuneration arrangements that were introduced in April 2017.

  • 19 Sep 2017

Tackling disguised remuneration – tax avoidance schemes

The second Finance Bill of 2017 introduces further changes to tackle disguised remuneration tax avoidance schemes including the close companies’ gateway and new...

  • 19 Sep 2017

Talking Points this week: NMW and tax avoidance cycle

A reminder that HMRC are holding two Talking Points meetings this week; one on the national minimum wage and common errors and the tax avoidance cycle and how t...

  • 15 Sep 2017

Public sector exit payments cap poll results

Results from a CIPP poll show that 44% of respondents did not know about the necessary changes expected by government in relation to the public sector exit paym...