• 15 Sep 2017

Public sector exit payments cap poll results

Results from a CIPP poll show that 44% of respondents did not know about the necessary changes expected by government in relation to the public sector exit paym...

  • 12 Sep 2017

Submitting car data - HMRC and CIPP joint survey

Are you currently payrolling the cash equivalent value of company cars? If so we would value hearing from you in a joint survey designed by HMRC and CIPP.

  • 22 Aug 2017

Your experience with NMW and NLW – CIPP and Low Pay Commission Roundtable

The CIPP Policy team will be holding a CIPP Think Tank member roundtable on the 24 August 2017 in Nottingham.

  • 17 Aug 2017

Collection of Student Loans consultation forum

Do you have any questions or issues relating to the collection of student loans that you would like us to put forward for the agenda of the next Collection of S...

  • 31 Jul 2017

CIPP webcast – Back to basics for automatic enrolment

Automatic enrolment may be business as usual for many but implementation is still an issue for all the employers who started PAYE on or after October 2012 whose...

  • 12 Jul 2017

CIPP response to consultation for evidence on the National Minimum Wage

The CIPP has submitted its formal response which is intended to provide evidence of the impact that the NMW and NLW rates are having, and will continue to have,...