• 16 Oct 2018

ABAB survey ask is the administrative burden still an issue for the small business community

It is the goal of ABAB to make a noticeable difference to the small business community in dealing with the administrative burden of the tax system.

  • 11 Oct 2018

Ethnicity Pay Reporting

A consultation on ethnicity pay reporting has been published alongside a Race in the Workplace Charter. The consultation asks how a new reporting requirement sh...

  • 11 Oct 2018

Government to tackle pension anomaly hitting 1.2m low earners

Government has confirmed that it is looking at ways to address differences in tax relief, following industry and campaigners calls to help the estimated 1.2m lo...

  • 09 Oct 2018

Tax-Free Childcare – communicating to your employees

Over 440,000 parents now have a Tax-Free Childcare (TFC) account but there are still many who could be missing out - if you are an employer, you can help.

  • 05 Oct 2018

Campaigners press government for action on pension tax relief

The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group is calling on the government to use the Budget on 29 October and the Finance Bill to act on an inconsistency in tax rules which...

  • 03 Oct 2018

Welsh Draft Budget published

Finance Secretary Mark Drakeford has unveiled a Draft Budget for Wales, the first Budget to include revenues raised from Welsh rates of income tax as Wales gain...