The Certificate in Managing Global Payroll: next intake 14/02/14

06 January 2014

As payroll becomes more and more international, many payroll professionals are finding themselves responsible for global payrolls with little, or no, formal training to guide them. The CIPP has developed this certificate to provide formal training to payroll professionals responsible for global payrolls, not only covering payroll strategy within the global forum, but also the cultural issues of managing global payrolls.

Who is this certificate aimed at?

  • Individuals managing a global payroll office, or individuals about to move into this area
  • Individuals who wish to enhance their opportunities of career progression through achievement of an industry recognised qualification
  • Payroll staff who wish to increase their knowledge, confidence and ability within their role
  • Employed individuals who wish to undertake project work for their organisation will afterwards be able to apply the skills and knowledge acquired in their day job

Why should I invest in this certificate?

  • Improved knowledge and confidence within your role
  • Greater understanding of how payroll should be administered to meet company strategy and global issues
  • Deeper appreciation of the cultures in different countries and therefore improved ability to communicate with colleagues in other countries

What will I learn?

The Certificate in Managing Global Payroll intends to train on all key aspects for managing a payroll service for an organisation that has employees in more than one country. It intends helping to provide a clear understanding of the implication of business strategy and how an organisation's approach to running its working processes will need to interact with the special influence of differing countries cultures.

It considers the different approaches any organisation may elect to use to provide a payroll service, and consider how to adjust communication to the various workforces to reflect language, environmental and cultural perceptions. It provides an opportunity to appreciate the working process for project management and selection of third party supplier for software of service support.

It also is intended to reflect how important payroll is as part of the business process for effective global activity, and the key roll the payroll team will play in ensuring statutory, contractual and strategic responsibilities.


The Certificate in Managing Global Payroll is delivered entirely online through the CIPP’s student website. It includes comprehensive documentation and is supported by a series of interactive activities, including online presentations. In addition, it will be supported by a tutor email / telephone service and the option to attend 4 face to facediscussion forums running from November.

The next intake for this certificate is the 14 February.

For dates, price and to enrol please click here, for more details please email us or call 0121 712 1000.