5% off course of the week: Introduction to Payroll

05 December 2014

The introduction to payroll course is ideal for those new to payroll that require training on the fundamental elements of payroll processing, such as calculating deductions from pay.

It is also a fantastic course for those that have been out of the industry for a while and are looking for a comprehensive refresher.

Make sure you take advantage of this offer and save yourself 5% off any Introduction to Payroll course running in 2015.

Course content

  • The gross to net process
    • Build up to gross pay
    • National insurance
    • Income tax
  • Earnings
    • What counts as earnings
    • Benefits in kind
    • Payment/earnings period
  • Deductions
    • Employment Rights Act 1996
    • Types of deductions
  • Starters and leavers
    • Processes required
  • Directors national insurance
    • Definition of a company director
    • Directors’ fees/bonus
    • Dividends
  • Real time information
    • Data submission types
  • Full payment submission (FPS)
    • Employment payment submission (EPS)
    • NINO verification request (NVR)
  • Determining employment status
    • Determining factors
    • Balance of probability
    • Construction industry
  • Administration of deductions
    • Payslip entries
    • Reconciliation and accounting
    • Loan repayments
  • Pensions overview
    • Types of pensions
    • Impact pensions has on payroll
    • Overview pension reform
  • Student loans
    • Repayment methods
    • Commencement of deductions
    • Exact/table method of calculation
  • Attachment of Earnings Order
    • Various types of court orders
    • Protected/attachable earnings
    • Operation of priority/non-priority orders
    • Restriction to number of court orders processed
    • Priority and process of several orders
  • Jury service
    • Certificate of loss of earnings
    • Consequence to payroll and employee
    • Procedures
    • Effect on voluntary deductions
  • Remittances and end of year obligations
    • Reconciliations
    • Payment rules and deadlines
    • Year end returns
    • Penalties and late submissions
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