Policy Think Tank: Employee self serve

16 August 2016

The CIPP Policy and Research team would like to extend an invitation to full and fellow members only, to join us in London on 31 August 2016 when we will be holding a Think Tank, hosted by Bacs Payments Schemes Ltd.

The Policy and Research team believes that no knowledge is ever wasted and the CIPP Think Tanks look to take steps to ensure that the wealth of knowledge and experience that is held by full and fellow members can be harnessed to the full.

Aim of the event

The need for accurate information regarding our employees personal data is not a new requirement – however over the last year it has come to our attention that the impact of employees updating or inputting their information either by way of HR/manager self-serve functionality in software or directly through a Government facility e.g. Personal Tax Account has taken on greater importance in a couple of areas.

The aim of this event is to bring together subject matter experts and CIPP members – to share experiences of challenges, pinch points and positives that will provide the opportunity for a wider understanding, which in turn should lead to less disruption (which can occur when processes aren’t clearly understood) and an ultimate aspiration would be for us to identify where improvements could be made that will improve the experiences of employees, employers, software developers and HMRC (and through HMRC other government departments and agencies).

The focus will be on two main areas of importance:

Bank Account details

The Current Account Switch Service (CASS) may be used by individuals to move their bank account from one provider to another.  As part of CASS, advices are provided electronically to Service Users so that they can update their customers’ records with the new bank account details.  Bacs is aware that the use of HR ‘self service’ systems means that some Service Users that generate payroll payments expect their employees to maintain their own bank account details.  These beneficiaries have in some instances received conflicting messages which have caused confusion and, in some cases, lead to payments being missed or other problems.   Bacs is keen to engage with CIPP members to consider how this issue might be addressed and to explore any mutually beneficial solutions that might be identified.

Main residence address

There has always been a clear message that the employee is responsible for ensuring that HMRC (and other Government departments and agencies) are provided with up to date personal details where they may change, for the purposes of this forum we are focussing on the main residence address.

The introduction of the Scottish Rate of Income Tax has caused a greater need for accuracy of main residence address which has resulted in the employer submissions being acknowledged as a source of up to date data – which in turn has brought in to question long standing beliefs. This meeting aims to provide clarity and understating on the processes involved when dealing with the employee address.

If you are a full or fellow member and would like to participate at our Think Tank in London on 31 August 2016, please email us no later than 24 August 2016 to secure your place.

Your host for the event is CIPP Senior Policy and Research officer, Samantha Mann and representatives from BACS Payments Services Ltd and HMRC will also be in attendance.  If you have any questions before the event Sam is contactable at policy@cipp.org.uk or 0115 922 6423.