Demonstrate your commitment to best practice

18 March 2014

It's always been essential for payroll departments to have effective and efficient procedures but its now more important than ever with auto enrolment falling to most payroll departments and compliance fines being up to £10,000 per day.

The CIPP have two services to assist payroll departments in putting together procedures which will ensure that the department is efficient and effective whilst complying with the legislation.

“Best practice in the development of payroll people”

The Payroll Quality Partnership (PQP) is an accreditation for organisations from all industry sectors. The objective of PQP is to raise the profile of payroll and encourage a “best practice” approach to maintaining professional competence by enhancing and developing payroll skills and knowledge within the function.

As a result, organisations will benefit from:

  • Improved performance management
  • Lower staff turnover and absence
  • Increased payroll staff morale as the organisation invests in their development
  • Increased efficiency and added value
  • Focused learning and development

For information on how PQP can help your organisation please call us on 0121 712 1000 or email

“Best practice in the development of payroll processes"

The Payroll Assurance Scheme (PAS) is becoming increasingly popular with employers and bureaux of all shapes and sizes. Why should you join them?

  • We will check whether you have the right processes in place to achieve compliance with HMRC and other authorities, saving you time and trouble
  • We will give you practical advice to help you improve
  • Our findings and our discussions remain entirely confidential
  • Our advice will be tailored to the size and circumstances of your business
  • We charge a very competitive fee
  • We will take very little of your valuable time – no detailed reports to prepare
  • There is no delay – you will usually receive our report and hopefully your Kitemark within days
  • If successful, you can display our prestigious Kitemark - and use it in your marketing and advertising

Apply today, for full details please visit the website.