Phased returns to work webinars

27 May 2016

Fit for Work have produced some webinars explaining how a phased return to work can happen in practice and benefit both the employee and employer.

Not all organisations have their own occupational health departments for advice on employee health matters. In addition, getting advice on the effect that work might have on a person’s health and, conversely, the effect that a person’s health issues might be having on their ability to work, is particularly important when employees are returning to work after sickness absence.

Fit for Work offers free, expert and impartial work-related health advice to GPs, employers and employees to help those who are struggling in work with a health condition, or have been off work for four weeks or more due to sickness.

The phased return to work, which is included as an option on the Fit Note, offers employees the opportunity to return to work at an earlier stage of recovery from illness (they may not yet be fully fit) by allowing them to do fewer hours and/or modified duties based on a structured Return to Work Plan.

Fit for Work have put together some webinars explaining more, including FAQs.