Protecting the term apprenticeship

28 September 2015

The government has published their response to the consultation on protecting the term apprenticeship from misuse.

Examples of the apprenticeship term being misused include:

  • students thinking they had completed an apprenticeship but actually had only taken a low-level technical qualification
  • students having to find other employers to continue to achieve the qualifications required to complete a full apprenticeship
  • employers finding students entering the industry only part-qualified and without adequate learning, work-based experience and practical skills.

Following the government’s commitment to protect the term ‘apprenticeship’ from misuse by unauthorised training providers and in light of the consultation responses received, the government has included measures in the Enterprise Bill (introduced to the House of Lords on 16 September 2015).

The measures will create an offence for a person, in the course of business, to provide or offer a course or training as an apprenticeship if it is not a statutory apprenticeship. Employers cannot commit the offence in relation to their employees. The government is proposing that the offence is summary only and the maximum penalty is a fine.

The measures do not affect companies who offer their own high-quality internal apprenticeship scheme.