Pensions Tax Manual errors

14 December 2015

We published news on 9 December 2015 that the Pensions Tax Manual (PTM) has now been updated and published on GOV.UK. Some formatting errors have since been identified.

With thanks to eagle eyed members and stakeholders for letting the Pensions team know about the errors. They are aware of a number of types of problems and are working to resolve them as soon as possible. Examples of the issues are:

  • PTM page reference and link missing within text
  • Inverted commas at start of sentence
  • Legislative reference not shown as heading style
  • Section heading not a heading and run into preceding paragraph
  • Asterisks around text
  • Glossary terms not in bold
  • 'Top of page' link absorbed into previous paragraph
  • Bullets formatting problem
  • Bookmark links at top of page do not work.

There is no need to contact HMRC about any further instances of these types of problem.

Any other comments on the PTM should be sent to