Pensions tax manual update

09 December 2015

The Pensions Tax Manual (PTM) which was drafted earlier in the year and replaces the Registered Pension Schemes Manual (RPSM) has now been updated and is published on GOV.UK.

The PTM has also been updated to take reflect the changes introduced by Finance Act 2015, however it does not currently contain guidance on the changes made by Finance (No 2) Act 2015. These changes will be included in a future update. The manual search facility has also been reinstated.

This updated version of the PTM does not indicate where pages have been updated, however within HMRC’s next Pension Schemes Newsletter; a list of the significant changes to the PTM will be included. In the interim you can view the table of the significant changes through the link below.

PTM changes - December 2015

At a Pensions Industry Stakeholder Forum held in June, attendees were “…reassured that for future PTM updates a list of the updated pages would be provided…”. The CIPP Policy Team is extremely pleased to see that this reassurance has been followed through as the list will ease the navigation of this extensive guidance.

If you have any comments on the PTM these can still be submitted to PTM Consultation.