What consumers want from retirement guidance

17 October 2014

The Chartered Insurance Institute have published new new research summarising consumer views towards the Government's guaranteed guidance (GG) proposals for retirement. The research was targeted at people expected to use the service and reports on over 1000 consumer views.

Michelle Cracknell Chief Executive of The Pensions Advisory Service responded saying, “this is a really useful piece of research that reflects our experience running a helpline service to members of the public on all things pensions. We have countless examples of the life changing impact high quality guidance can have on people’s lives. We believe that it is essential that the guidance is delivered by specialists that have the experience and knowledge to respond to how people feel about this subject and get them to engage. Once we talk to people about their lives and their priorities, our experience is that we can get people to feel more engaged and confident about what they need to do next. This experience chimes with CII’s research findings about the need to make the conversation relevant and interactive”.

To see the full CII research report please click here.