RTI Internet technical pack for 2018/19 (and 2017/18 EYU)

16 August 2017

The 2018/19 RTI technical pack for internet submissions is now available on GOV.UK, along with the specifications for the 2017/18 Earlier Year Update (EYU) message.

HMRC’s Software Developers Support Team (SDST) has said that the Local Test Service (LTS) will be updated on 18 September to allow software developers to test these messages; the online test services (TPVS, External Test Service and VSIPS) will be updated on 26 September.

This is the first iteration of the 2018/19 Full Payment Submission (FPS) message, a further change is planned to support reporting of the Plan Type in use when including a student loan repayment in the pay period (data item 67) on the FPS.