Utilising RTI information in the collection of Student Loans?

09 January 2014

At last month’s Collection of Student Loans consultation forum, the group were asked to consider ways in which RTI data could be used in the future to assist with the collection of student loan deductions.

Although it must be stated from the outset that this is simply a gathering together of suggestions, there is no guarantee that any ideas will be possible, nevertheless it is a good opportunity for us to suggest ways in which the data could be used in the future.

Ideas suggested already include:

  • Sending information about deductions to SLC monthly rather than annually as at present; and
  • Sending a prompt to the employer when the SL amount deducted is not in line with the income reported on the FPS.

If you have any ideas or suggestions in which the RTI data could be used to aid the collection of student loans please email policy and we will take your ideas forward to the next meeting in February.