Devolution changes in Scotland

09 March 2015

As the UK Government prepares to transfer powers to Holyrood a leaflet explaining the devolution changes is being sent to Scottish households.

The 8-page Scotland’s Changing leaflet will explain the new powers as well as the benefits people in Scotland retain as part of the UK, including the pound, pensions and passports. It will be sent to every one of the 2.5 million households across the country.

The leaflet clearly explains which powers will be devolved and reserved following the Smith Commission and the earlier Scotland Act 2012. Powers going to the Scottish Parliament include income tax, some elements of welfare and choices over new taxes such as Airport Passenger Duty and Stamp Duty.

The Smith Commission recommended action to raise public awareness of devolution and this is part of the UK Government’s response to that challenge.

Read the full press release from the Scotland Office.

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