Scottish employers, train or upskill your team for free

02 March 2016

This is the perfect opportunity for Scottish businesses to train or upskill their employees for free. By offering your employees the option of an apprenticeship programme, they will be able to grow their own talent by becoming motivated, skilled and qualified.

The CIPP has a number of fully funded places available for learners based in Scotland. Act now before it’s too late.

Benefits of hiring an apprentice:

  • Effective way of bringing new ideas into your business
  • No need to recruit new people, it can apply to existing employees
  • No travel and subsistence fee’s
  • No costs to the employer

Already engaged with the programme are; ActivPayroll, NHS and Scott-Moncrieff.

Overall, you can train your staff for free of charge, who will be taught by qualified CIPP tutors and assessors, but also receive a CIPP and Scottish Qualifications Authority qualification.

For more information email us or phone 07920 787 221.