Would showing different student loan deduction types on the payslip be an admin burden?

25 May 2016

At the last Collection of Student Loans (CSL) Consultation Group meeting there was a discussion about the possibility of showing both undergraduate and postgraduate loans on payslips.

Item 3 within the meeting minutes refers to Postgraduate loans and HMRC asked the representatives in the group what would show on payslips. Would the different loans be identified (undergraduate or postgraduate) or would it be a combined figure? The consensus was that showing the loans separately on payslips would be a good idea.

In light of this we asked payroll professionals through our CIPP Poll if showing this information separately would be an administrative burden.

We received a total of 288 responses, 34% (97) of which said it would be an admin burden, 57% (165) said it would not and the remaining 9% (26) were unsure.

The next meeting of the CSL Consultation Group takes place on 28 June where Samantha Mann, Senior Policy & Research Officer will share these findings for discussion.

If you have any issues or topics you would like raised at this meeting, please email policy with CSL as the subject by 24 June.