Example Statement of User Requirements (SOUR)

08 November 2011

Additional Notes:

This matrix is an initial SOUR based on essential functions of a current payroll system. If you are looking for an alternative system it is important to look at other functions that may automate and streamline processes. This matrix includes suggestions to improve functionality in order to make the calculation of pay as accurate as possible whilst saving on time and resources.

This matrix is an actual example showing analysis of a payroll system that needed improvement. This is taken at a moment in time and should be read as a work in progress. Such a document should be shared with all key internal stakeholders prior to sign off. This should be done in tandem with a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis. This exercise should be undertaken as part of a project for sourcing of a computer system e.g. In House off the shelf Package v In House Bespoke.

NOTE: The list is to be taken as an example only and is by no means exhaustive. Apart from mandatory requirements needed to satisfy Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) each organisation is likely to yield unique requirements.


In order to assist in the decision making process each element of requirement is listed. The SOUR lists desirable and essential elements to include a score next to each.

  • Top score for each element is 5 = fully satisfied
  • Max score is 25
  • Essential (ESS) with a score of 5 is currently available
  • Desirable (DES) is scored between 0-5

Ø Score of “0” means not available but nice to have – comments detailed

Any element scoring the max of 25 are functionality elements that were already in place, meaning that you would look for these as essential elements expected from any new/updated system.

Example Statement of User Requirements (SOUR).doc