Survey on recording the number of hours worked on payslips

04 April 2017


The Low Pay Commission has recommended that employers should include in their staff’s payslips the hours each worker is being paid for. The reasoning behind the recommendation is to increase transparency and information provided to workers about how their pay is calculated.


Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is exploring the best way to implement this recommendation and has asked the CIPP to survey our members in order to understand whether this proposal will bring additional financial and administrative burdens.


The survey will also aim to obtain a better estimate of the proposal’s business impacts and benefits.  The survey is aimed at employers, payroll agents and software developers and will close on 28 April 2017. 

We know that this is a very busy time but hope that you will manage to spare the time, if you haven't already to complete this important survey.


The Low Pay Commission made the recommendation in their Spring 2016 report.