Employer faced enforcement action over automatic enrolment breaches

06 May 2014

We recently published The Pensions Regulator’s (TPR) first automatic enrolment 'section 89' report highlighting key lessons to help employers avoid non compliance.

TPR want to raise awareness about the report and that it sets out the problems experienced by Dunelm Soft Furnishing Ltd and the action that they took. These problems included issues with payroll systems and handovers between members of key staff during automatic enrolment preparations. The report shows how TPR worked with the employer to get them back on track towards compliance.

Dunelm Soft Furnishing Ltd is now compliant with its automatic enrolment duties and TPR want other employers to learn from the employer's experience and avoid compliance risks. In particular, this case shows that employers struggling to meet their automatic enrolment duties should raise the alert with TPR sooner rather than later.

View the section 89 report