HMRC survey digital needs and attitudes of agents

19 December 2014

HMRC have published research into the readiness of agents to assimilate or embrace the ongoing switch to digital communication.

The Tax Agent Segmentation Research - Exploring agents’ digital needs and attitudes places agents into four groups as regards their attitude to digital transformation, with the following titles and percentages:

· Corporate pacemakers (11%)

· Mid-sized progressives (26%)

· Small but savvies (51%)

· Hard to win overs (11%)

It is not clear how many payroll agents or bureaux were included, although the majority of respondents will no doubt have been tax agents. It therefore remains to be seen whether the payroll community have a higher incidence of “pacemakers” and “progressives” than the overall agent population!


CIPP comment

The CIPP Policy Team will be surveying members early in the new year to see what they think about this segmentation.