Survey finds respecting staff is key to attracting talent

20 April 2015

Only a fifth of employees feel proud of employer behaviour according to a recent survey of over two thousand adults.

The CIPD has reported that treating employees with respect is the most important sign of an ethical business with implications for attracting talent. Respondents to a survey ranked respectful behaviour towards staff higher than activities traditionally associated with responsible business such as giving to charity or treating customers well.

The Ipsos Mori poll of 2,174 adults, conducted for Business in the Community (BITC), found that overall public attitudes to large businesses were positive.

However, the majority of workers felt their employer could do more for society with just 22 per cent reporting they felt proud of their employer’s behaviour towards society.

Public perceptions of what makes a good employer have a significant impact on whether someone wants to work for a company, BITC said. And the survey showed that the vast majority (92 per cent) of respondents said if they were in a situation where they had two identical job offers, the issue of whether each employer treated staff with respect would play an important role in their decision.

Employee retention also benefits from this respectful behaviour with 85 per cent of people who have no plans to leave within the next two years agreeing that their employer treats them respectfully, while only 54 per cent of workers looking to move jobs in the next 12 months said their employer treats them with respect.

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