19 November 2010

As you will be aware the government has made some changes to the Pension Reforms Automatic Enrolment Regulations. In addition, the government has confirmed that NEST is fit for purpose. TATA Consultancy Services (TCS) were awarded the contract to administer the NEST scheme. A crucial component in making the administration as easy as possible for employers is the ability to automate as much as possible via payroll software. In light of this large task TCS has asked the IPP members for help. They are extremely focused on ensuring their product is suitable for payroll software and employer processes.

To provide assurance that they are providing a solution that will meet the needs of employers wanting to use NEST, TCS are keen to engage both the employer market and also the payroll provider (both service and software) market to test their approach. This engagement will cover the full range of prospective employer sizes and their payroll solutions.

The key analysis that TCS wants to carry out includes:

Understanding whether the payroll services or software that you use can support:

  1. the creation of a report based on a set of data criteria provided by NEST, i.e., specific data elements rather than a complete export of payroll items;
  2. the exporting of that report in a .csv format;
  3. the exporting of that report in a .xml format;
  4. the transmission of files through a B2B service, using SSL protocols; and
  5. the transmission of files through a B2B service, using SSH protocols

We would be grateful if you would spare ten minutes of your time to answer our survey. In order to answer the survey you will need to either ask your software provider to complete the survey, or obtain report output information on your payroll software in advance e.g. report formats .csv or .xml. Whether it uses SSL or SSH for system to system protocol?

There is also an opportunity at the end of the survey to provide your contact details if you are willing to assist TCS with any further insight or support to test their solution.

The survey closing date is short due to the speed at which the pension reforms work is moving, therefore if you can help please respond by 3 December 2010.