The plain English guide to automatic enrolment

16 November 2015

The Pensions Regulator has informally provided a plain English guide for small and micro employers.

The type of employer The Pensions Regulator(TPR) is now engaging with has changed with around half having just one or two members of staff. These employers are typically ‘time poor’ and have less financial knowledge, so information needs to be presented simply and concisely.

TPR has refreshed their website and simplified the language they use in the employer sections. Key terms and phrases have been replaced with simpler terms, so that buzzwords, jargon and acronyms are avoided and legal terminology is kept to a minimum and clearly explained when used.

The plain English guide is for business advisers and other pensions industry professionals who are familiar with technical automatic enrolment terms. The guide shows how TPR is explaining the terms to small and micro employers - for example ‘opt in’ is being replaced by ‘ask to join’.

The guide was provided through TPR’s Industry Liaison update which highlighted that some of the terms they are using have not changed and their definitions may not always be technical or legal definitions, but are instead intended to make the guide simple and easy to understand. If you already use these terms in your processes or with your clients, you may choose to phase in some of the new terminology, or simply use this guide for reference.

The Regulator has no immediate plans to publish the guide on their website.

The plain English guide to automatic enrolment - November 2015