Protect yourself, your clients or your members from pension scams

05 August 2015

Millions of people fall victim to scams every year and the tactics used by pension scammers to encourage people to transfer their pension savings to them is constantly changing. Some of the tactics used by pension scammers include offering free pension reviews, health checks and promises of better returns on their savings, pension loans, upfront cash or other promotions to tempt them. Most of these are bogus.

In support of Scams Awareness Month the Pensions Regulator has added new information to their website as part of their ongoing scorpion campaign. The new products include a video, a warning signs infographic and a new case example in the Trustee toolkit to help identify the warning signs of a pension scam.

Separate new guidance for trustees, business advisers and individuals with the new pensions scams products can be accessed on the Regulator’s website.