Regulator to send exemption letters to single director companies

02 February 2015

As previously reported, all small and micro businesses are to receive letters from The Pensions Regulator in the coming months as part of a new campaign to give them key information on automatic enrolment, including when the duties affect them.

There will be two letters. The majority of employers will receive the standard letter which is available to download through the link below.

TPR - all employer letter

An exemption letter will be sent to single director companies whose PAYE data, as of 1 April 2012, showed that they had workers being paid at that time, but our current records indicate that this is no longer the case (or that they are only paying themselves as the director). This letter will explain that they are therefore exempt from the employer duties, but goes on to explain how they can contact TPR if this subsequently changes.

In the letter it mentions ‘nominate a contact by’ and quotes a date. This date varies according to when the letter has been sent but is always the end of the subsequent month. For example:

If it is sent out in Jan (no matter what point in the month) then it will be end of February.

If it is sent out in Feb (no matter what point in the month) then will be end of March.

The decision to write to more than 1.5 million addresses across the UK from the end of January aims to ensure that by the summer all employers know their ‘staging date’ – the date when they need to be ready to meet their automatic enrolment duties.

Advisers should be prepared, as employers are likely to seek advice and guidance in preparation to meet their duties.