Trade Union Bill published

17 July 2015

Alongside the Trade Union Bill, three consultations have been published which include the proposal to lift the ban on using agency staff to cover striking workers.

The three consultation documents and main proposals are:

Ballot thresholds in important public services

Introduction of a 40% ballot threshold for taking industrial action in important public services. Seeks evidence on whom within the fire, health, education, transport, border security, and nuclear decommissioning sectors should be subject to the new threshold.

Hiring agency staff during industrial action: reforming regulation

Seeks views on impact of removing the regulation which prohibits employment businesses from providing agency workers to cover the duties normally performed by an employee of an organisation who is taking part in a strike or other industrial action

Tackling intimidation of non-striking workers

Seeks views on whether the code of practice on picketing should cover use of social media and whether there are other practices for picketing that should be legally enforceable. Consultation also asks for evidence of intimidatory behaviour experienced during industrial disputes.

The consultations will run until 9 September 2015.