Updated content on The Pensions Regulator’s website

06 January 2017

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) is continually adding new articles and information to help employers and business advisers with automatic enrolment.

The following content has recently been added to the TPR website:


What happens if my client doesn't comply or is late complying?

A new web page for business advisers on what happens if your client doesn’t comply.


Assessing and enrolling staff

A new animation on assessing the workforce for business advisers.


Making contributions to your pension scheme

New online content for employers on calculating contributions, including additional supporting resources (an infographic and an animation).


Expected earnings thresholds for 2017 - 2018 tax year

As previously announced the DWP published the proposed annual earnings thresholds for the 2017 - 2018 tax year.

TPR expect the thresholds for the individual pay frequencies to be those that are shown below. However, you should note that the actual proposed values will be included in the order by the DWP in early 2017. These proposals will then be subject to the parliamentary process and so may change.

Expected values by pay reference period



1 week


4 weeks

1 month

1 quarter


Lower level of qualifying earnings








Earnings trigger for automatic enrolment








Upper level of qualifying earnings