Understanding your payslip

07 September 2016

With the theme of financial education, Pay Dashboard has produced an article, Top 13 Payslip Terms Defined, to help employees understand their payslips and make sure they are taking home all the pay they are entitled to.

CIPP comment

The CIPP also has an ‘understanding your paysliptool available on our website which can be shared with your employees to help them understand their payslips and deductions from pay.

The CIPP Policy team has been running an annual payslip statistics survey since 2008 and the information payroll professionals provide helps the team and the CIPP understand the latest trends in respect of pay frequencies, payment methods and payslip distribution. This year the survey also included questions on Payroll Giving, salary sacrifice and automatic enrolment. For full details, read our 2016 annual payslip comparison report.


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