Professional Development Module

02 July 2015

Are you looking for an extra pair of hands over the next few months to help you to undertake additional tasks that you would not normally get the chance to do?

The University of Birmingham is offering you the opportunity to gain short-term support from a student studying a degree within Business, Finance, Politics, or Sociology. We work businesses directly to offer a bespoke service: our stduents work on projects that are tailored to your busienss needs, helping them to add value and create impact. The placement would be part of an initiative called the Professional Development Module, where students undertake a voluntary placement of at least 40 hours.

Saqib Bhatti from Birmingham-based accountany firm Younis Bhatti & Co said 'As a SME we were in two minds about taking on a placement student but actually the flexibility of the scheme really worked for us. We got to pick the project and also worked out the days and times that were suitable for our student to come in'.

The placement can take place full-time during the university vacation (June - September) or part time during term time (October - December). Although there is no charge to the organiation undertaking the placement, we do ask for travel expenses incurred by our students to be reimbursed.

If you want to learn more about the scheme get in touch with a member of the Placeents Team by emailing or by calling 0121 415 1055.