Universal Credit and employers

18 August 2016

The Department for Work and Pensions has developed a comprehensive set of FAQs compiled from questions asked by national employers and SMEs at Universal Credit events around the country.

And questions such as, What are the benefits of Universal Credit for employers? are included. The answer being:

  • Claimants can be flexible about working more hours or ad hoc additional hours because Universal Credit has no restrictions on the number of hours worked.
  • It is designed so that it automatically responds to fluctuations in earnings, and allows claimants to keep receiving Universal Credit, making work pay.

How does Universal Credit work with benefits in kind? An example of another question listed, with the response:

  • Universal Credit will not initially take ‘benefits in kind’ (employee benefits that do not take the form of money) into account.
  • However they are considering the best solution to reflect benefits in kind in the future, to ensure that the level of earnings taken into account fairly reflects the income and choices available to the household.

Read the full set of Universal Credit and employers: frequently asked questions.

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