Updates to Data Protection and GDPR guidance

18 January 2019

Periodically the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) updates relevant sections within their guidance and the latest includes an expansion on scope and key definitions and contracts.


In December the ICO published its Guide to Data Protection, combining its existing guidance on the GDPR and law enforcement regimes with new guidance explaining:

some basic concepts,

how the DPA 2018 works, and

which regime applies.


The ICO has expanded its guidance on scope and key definitions in the guide to law enforcement processing.

It has also expanded its guidance on contracts, published guidance on controllers and processors and published detailed guidance on controllers and processors and contracts and liabilities.


In November 2018 detailed guidance on encryption was published and in September 2018 expanded guidance on Exemptions was published.


Visit the ICO’s website for full details of the Guide to Data Protection.