Upgrade your CIPP membership

10 November 2015

Membership upgrades are open to all of our members, if you feel you meet the criteria for the level above your current membership, visit the website or email us for more details.

Summary of membership benefits for each level

Affiliate: Entry level open to anyone connected to the profession but not necessarily working in payroll, pensions or reward.

Associate: Entry level of membership open to experienced or qualified professionals in payroll, pensions or reward. Individuals must spend at least 50% of their time working in payroll, pensions and/or reward and meet one of the below:

• Evidence of one year's experience in the profession and CPD
• Qualified to level three or four in payroll, pensions or reward.

Full: Awarded to individuals qualified to CIPP level 5. Also available, after successful upgrade application, to associates (after one year) who are experienced or qualified in payroll, pensions or reward management. Applicants must provide evidence of at least three year's work experience and 12 months CPD in payroll, pensions or reward, plus two of the below:

• Qualified to level five in payroll, pensions or reward
• More than 50% of time spent on payroll, pensions and/or reward activities
• Have held a managerial position, or teach payroll, pensions and/or reward for the last ten years (or five years plus full member test).

Fellow: Awarded by the CIPP board of directors to individuals that demonstrate contribution to the enhancement of the Institute and the profession. This includes members qualified to CIPP level six or seven in payroll, pensions or reward. Full members can also apply to upgrade based on their experience.