Voluntary payrolling survey

15 July 2014

The CIPP and the Association of Accounting Technicians are jointly surveying their respective memberships. The Office of Tax Simplification has made a number of recommendations during 2014, one of which was for HMRC to introduce voluntary payrolling . Whilst a number of options were considered such as mandating all employers to payroll benefits in kind, it was decided this was not feasible at this time. Instead the OTS believes that over time inertia will drive most employers to payroll benefits. The survey is looking to collect evidence on employers’ and agents’ views on whether payrolling will be supported and in what capacity i.e. all benefits, some benefits etc. The CIPP and the AAT thank members for their time in responding to this survey. Respondents should also have the voluntary payrolling consultation document open at the time of completing the survey to aid answering the questions. The survey will close on 26 August 2014. It is expected for those who do not currently payroll benefits in kind to take no more than 10 minutes to complete and for those who do payroll benefits in kind, no more than 20 minutes to complete.